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City Administrator

The City Administrator for the City of Marion is the Chief Executive Officer and head of the administrative branch of the City of Marion. He has primary responsibility and supervision over all city employees. He is responsible for ensuring that all laws and ordinances are faithfully executed, preparation and administration of the city budget, management of city departments and utilities, provides advice and administrative support to the City Council, monitors activities of the entire city organization and assures that City Council directives are properly implemented.

The City Administrator for the City of Marion is Roger Holter. He is an experienced business and civic leader committed to the guiding principles of:

- Striving for excellence in all processes, programs, and endeavors.
- Building relationships based on mutual trust and respect.
- Being a wise steward of all assets and resources in a manner that honors God, Family and Community.

40+ years in administrative, strategic planning, and leadership roles 40+ for national and international fortune 50 companies. Based on these experiences, brings proven skill sets of team development, time management, budgetary excellence and effective change management skills.

Your City Administration is committed to Ever Improving Customer Service to our Citizens and Residents, please contact us for needed
support and service.

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