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Owners with dogs which reside within the Marion city limits are required to have a current rabies shot and license tag. The Animal Health Center of Marion County administers a two year rabies vaccination for $18.90. Bring the rabies vaccination certificate to city hall to purchase a dog license. Dog Licenses are $10.00 per calendar if purchased by March 1st and $15.00 if purchased after March 1st.

Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes are not permitted within the Marion city limits.

Animals running at large are subject to being picked up by the Animal Control Officer and impounded. The owner may pick up their pet at the Animal Health Center of Marion County, during regular business hours. Before picking up the animal, the owner must go to city hall and pay $20.00, plus $15.00 per day impound fee. If the animal is not tagged, they must also show proof of rabie vaccination and purchase a license.

If a ticket was issued by the Marion Police Department, the owner will also be responsible for that.