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Power: Flint Hills REC 3-Phase (7200 Primary)
Unlimited secondary voltage
Gas: Atmos Energy Size: 2"
Sewer: Municipal Size: 6"
Water: Municipal Size: 6"

Limited Commercial, General Commercial and Light Industrial Enhanced Enterprise Zone (Incentives Available)


Development Guidelines

The City of Marion's Zoning Ordinance #1175 shall be enforced in addition to and except for these regulations and guidelines:

  1. Lots 6,7,8 and 12 shall be sold for Limited Commercial and General Commercial uses only.
  2. Lots 17 through 22 and Lots 28 through 24 shall be sold for Limited Commercial, General Commercial and Light Industrial uses only.

Examples of Allowable Uses for Limited and General Commercial:

1. The following retail stores and services:

  • Appliance Store
  • Automobile Sales and Supplies.
  • Automobile Service Station.
  • Automobile wash or self service wash
  • Drive in-theaterr
  • Financial Institution
  • Funeral Parlor or Mortuary
  • Hospital
  • Key Shop
  • Public or private Entertainment and Recreation Center
  • Bakery Goods Store and Bakery.
  • Boat Sales.
  • Convenience Store.
  • Department Store and Discount House.
  • Financial Institutions.
  • Furniture Sales and Service.
  • Grocery Store.
  • Hotel or Motel.
  • Motorcycles Sales and Service.
  • Nursery or Garden Supply Store.
  • Pharmacy, including Medical Supplies.
  • Recreational Vehicles Sales and Service.
  • Restaurant.
  • Shopping Center.
  • Radio and Television studios, provided no broadcasting towers are located on the premises
  • Mini warehouses which may include the accessory outdoor storage of boats and vehicles.
  • Accessory building customarily incidental to the above uses if they are constructed in a style and manner similar and sympathetic to a principal building or use.
  1. Office and office buildings to be used for the rendering personal, professional or business services such as:
  • Accountants.
  • Architects, landscape architects, planners, and other similar professions.
  • Brokers.
  • Engineers, surveyors.
  • Dentists, dental laboratories.
  • Lawyers.
  • Physicians, osteopaths, chiropractors.
  • Real Estate.
  • Insurance.
Examples of Allowable Uses for Light Industrial:
  1. The following light industrial uses:
  • Light manufacturing operation
  • Manufacturing, processing, fabrication or assembling of commodities, except junk or salvage.
  • Warehousing, wholesaling and storage of commodity used for distribution purposes with frequent pick up and delivery, except junk or salvage.
  • Freight, truck and rail terminals
  • Offices, office/warehouse and laboratories 
  • Agricultural and oil equipment sales and repair.
  • Bottling works.
  • Building materials; lumberyards; recreation vehicles; boats, and manufactured housing, production, sales, storage and repairs.
  • Carpenter, cabinet, plumbing or sheet metal shops.
  • Clay products manufacturers.
  • Dry cleaning and/or laundry plants
  • Food production, distribution and storage.
  • Frozen food lockers and storage plants
  • Machinery and equipment sales, repairs and storage lots
  • Metal fabrication, assembly and weld shops.
  • Monument sales.
  • Printing and publishing firms.
  • Sign manufacturing and maintenance.
  • Transportation vehicle storage such as trucks and buses 
  • Upholstery shops.
  • Utility uses

Tap Fees


3/4" Tap and install service $300.00
1" Tap and install service $500.00
2" Tap and install service with meter pit $1,400.00
without meter pit (pit provided by owner) $1,050.00
Two-2" Taps and install service with meter pit $1,630.00
without meter pit (pit provided by owner) $1,280.00
4" Tap and install service:
without meter pit and with strainer $1,790.00
with meter pit and strainer $2,140.00
with meter pit and without strainer $2,053.00 


Sewer Connection $400.00

(All locations for first tap; no fee charged for existing taps reused)