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Beginning July 20, 2020, the City of Marion will begin once per week solid waste pickup. Please refer to the map below for your regularly scheduled trash pickup day. Click on the map for a larger view. Recycling will be picked up city-wide on Wednesdays.

Trash Pickup Schedule

Download the 2019 Trash Schedule Calendar by clicking >Here<. This calendar will tell you at a glance if your scheduled trash pickup day is on a normal schedule, or if it is changed to an alternate day due to a holiday, and which day it will be picked up in that case. Perfect for printing and posting on your bulletin board, taping to your refrigerator or wherever.


Unless approved by the city, trash must be placed in the alley behind your residence. Trash must be placed at the alley right of way. Trash left in the yard or in enclosures set back from the alley right of way will not be picked up. When placing your trash out, please follow the following guidelines:

  • Trash must be out for pickup by 8:00am on your scheduled pickup day for guaranteed pickup.
  • Place all trash (except large/bulky items) in a trash bag and tie the bag when placing it out for pickup.
  • If trash containers are used, they must have an air tight, water proof lid and be no larger than 30 gallons in size, unless approved by the city. Loose, unbagged trash in large, oversized trash containers will not be picked up.

    Cleanup Week: The week of June 15th,2020

The following items will not be accepted by the Marion County Transfer Station and will not be picked up by the trash truck:

  • Yard waste (Grass, leaves, limbs, hay, bushes, etc. (Note: Yard waste will be picked up once a year during clean up week only)
  • Hazardous materials (flammables, chemicals, car batteries, wet paint, etc. Note: empty paint cans or paint cans in which the paint is dried up is acceptable)
  • Any amounts of construction material (boards, shingles, drywall, etc.)
  • Refrigerators, freezers, etc. (Note: you may take these items to the transfer station yourself if the freon has been removed. The permit that is required for the transfer station is available at the city offices or in the online documents library.
  • Tires (Note: you may take tires to the transfer station yourself and they will accept them for a charge)


Marion Recycling Program Guidelines

Residents will have their normal household waste picked up on Monday or Tuesdays like normal. On Thursdays or Fridays, residents can place recycling materials out for pickup. Recycling should be placed in the same location they normally place their refuse out for pickup. If their trash pickup as of now is on Monday and Thursday, beginning on July 3rd, their normal refuse will be picked up on Monday's and Thursdays or Tuesday and Friday. Recycling will be picked up city-widw on Wednesdays.

The guidelines for recycling are:

Recycling does not need to be separated into separate containers. All recycling can go in one box/container. No recyclable material may be bagged. It all has to be loose in the box/container. All separating is done at the recycling center.

The following materials may be placed out for recycling pickup...

  • Paper products (newspapers, magazines, catalogs, office paper, file folders, books (hardback or paperback), paper napkins, newspaper inserts, junk mail, paper bags, etc)

  • Cardboard (cardboard boxes, except for those used to place their recycling out for pickup, must be broken down/flattened)

  • Glass (jars, bottles, etc. automotive windshields, automotive window glass and household window glass are NOT permitted)

  • Glass Jars or Bottles

  • Aluminum, Tin or Steel Cans

  • Plastic food tubs

  • Plastic Bottles

  • Food Boxes and Containers

The following materials may NOT be placed out for recycling and will not be picked up with recycling. These items will be left and picked up on the residents next normal refuse pickup day.

  • Plastic Shopping Bags

  • Electronics (You may deliver electronics to the Transfer Station. They are placed in a separate location from "normal" recycling)

  • Ceramics/Dishes

  • food products

  • Motor Oil Containers

  • Household Hazardous Waste (Take to the County Hazardous Waste Facility located just north of Main on Coble)

  • Light bulbs

  • Yard Waste (Grass/Limbs/Leaves, etc)

  • Automotive windshield glass/automotive window glass

  • Household window glass

Note, with the exception of Hazardous Waste and Yard Waste, all of the above items can be placed in your normal refuse trash.