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Home Security Check
Request Form

Are you going out of town? Do you want the police to pay special attention to your property while you're traveling? You can use the form below to provide the details to the Marion Police Department.

If you submit a Home Security Check Request, the Marion Police Department will be aware of your absence from your home and will pay particular attention to your home while you are away. If anyone is authorized to have access to your home, or will have keys to it while you are away, please make sure you note that below so the officers know whether someone is permitted to be there or not.

When possible, you should make your request, either online through this form or in person, at least 24 hours before your departure.

Your Name:

Your Address:
Your Home Telephone Number:
Your EMail Address:
Date You Will Be Leaving:
Date You Will Be Returning:
Who will have keys to your home while you are away?
In case of an emergency, who should we contact?
What is/are their telephone number(s)?
Will any pets be left at your home while you are away?

Who has permission to be in your home while you are away?

Will any lights be left on while you are away?