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To protect the health, safety, and welfare of the people of Marion, the City of Marion requires all new buildings and homes and remodelling, electrical and plumbing work to comply with the building codes of the International Code Council.

The following forms for building inspections, zoning variances, building permits, etc. are available at the links below, or in our Online Documents Library, in Adobe PDF format.

Building Permit

Application for Change of Zoning Classification

Application for Conditional Use Permit

License Application (Plumbing, Electrical, Contractor)

The fees for permits are:

New Residential $0.10 per square ft
New Commercial $0.15 per square ft
Residential Remodeling $0.10 per square ft
Commercial Remodeling $0.15 per square ft
Removal of Structure to another lot or within the same lot   $25.00
Demolition of a Structure $25.00
New or Alteration Accessory Building (121 sq ft to 300 sq ft) $25.00
New or Alteration Accessory Building (over 300 sq ft) $0.10 per square ft
Car Port Construction $25.00
Electrical $25.00
Plumbing $25.00
Underground Electrical $750.00
Conditional Use Permit $75.00
Variance Permit $75.00
Rezoning Permit $75.00
Zoning Appeal $75.00

Plats Presented (per plat)


Plats Presented (per lot on plat)


Structure Fire Lien (Lesser of two fees)

$7,500 or 20% of the Claim Payment


Contact The Building Inspector

Contact The Zoning Administrator