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The Marion Fire Department is staffed by a company of 19 volunteer firefighters. These volunteers stand ready at a moments notice to leave their jobs and homes when duty calls to respond to a fire.

We are fortunate in Marion to have such a skilled and dedicated fire department. They attend training classes and meetings on their own time to stay aware of current fire issues and maintain a level of firefighting skill comparable to "professional" firefighters.

Preston Williams – Fire Chief

Eric Hardey - Asst Fire Chief

Brent Cleeton

Cody Carr

Josh Clevenger

Nathan Cyr

Kari Farmer

Nathan Hoffman

Christian Pedersen

Matt Marsden

Travis Schafers

Matthew Meyerhoff

Scott Steward

Steve Waner

L. Chris Killough - Asst Fire Chief

Dustin Looney

Chris Meierhoff

Landon Pedersen