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The goal of the Marion Fire Department is to be efficient, knowledgable and safe in their efforts to contain all incidents, and to remind the public of fire safety.

The Marion Fire Department was organized in 1888. It consisted of two handcarts, a thousand feet of hose, one village ladder wagon and several firefighters. Hose Company #1 and #2 was fortunate enough to have a water system, which aided them in fighting fires within the city.

In 1899 the Volunteer Fire Department took steps to "Organize as official members of the State Fire Association in order to make proper use of funds paid ‘us’ by the State Superintendent of Insurance." Marion’s first pumper truck was a Reo, purchased around 1918, and later the equipment was transferred onto a Chevy chasey. This truck was used until they purchased a 1948 Ford pumper and later added a 1950’s model Chevy pumper. These trucks were used until the late 1960’s, when they purchased two new Chevy pumpers.

The City of Marion has covered the rural area surrounding Marion from the time they purchased their first truck. In 1967, Marion entered into an agreement with Centre, Gale, Grant, and Wilson townships to provide them fire coverage. The townships ordered a 1968 Chevy pumper truck to be used in their areas with Marion housing and manning the truck. More equipment was added through agreement with the Kansas State Forestry Department. The department protects 189 square miles as well as the City of Marion.

Currently the city owns a 1969 Chevy pumper and a 1984 Chevy crew cab pickup used for hauling extra firefighters and equipment. They also own a 1981 Chevy Rescue Truck, 1991 Ford Ambulance and they just purchased a new 2006 fire truck. The four townships own a 1968 Chevy pumper, 1984 Chevy 2500 gallon tanker, 1985 Ford F250 4x4 brush truck and a 2001 Ford SDF450 4x4 with 400 gallon tank and foam capabilities.

Over the years the size of the department has fluctuated from 15 to 20 total personel. In 2004 a milestone was reached when the department received it's first ever female member.