Marion's Central ParkMarion City Library at Historic Santa Fe Depot

Existing local businesses sing praises of the work ethic exhibited by their employees.  The management of local manufacturing plants often speak of the “competitive edge” they receive from the fact that their staff reports to the job expecting to put in a days work for a days pay.  Marion and the surrounding area, boast a work force that shows up on time, cares about the quality of their work, wants their employer to be successful, and works hard to make it happen. 

While some of these qualities are typical of the work ethic gained by being raised in a rural mid-western community, Marion also has some positive attributes that are not quite as common.  The majority of local residents are of European descent, but the community and area is also populated by persons with varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Butler Community College in Marion and Tabor College only 10 miles away expose our young people to ideas and attitudes from different regions, states and countries.  The bottom line is Marion is home to an energetic, friendly, tolerant and diverse work force.