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Mayor David Mayfield

The Mayor of the City of Marion is the presiding officer of the Marion City Council and has superintending control of the officers and affairs of the city. Elected by the people of Marion, the Mayor is responsible for the general management of the City and for seeing that all laws and ordinances are enforced.  The Mayor is elected to office every four years.

The Mayor's duties also include making appointments, with Council approval, of department heads and persons serving on advisory boards.

As Executive Officer, the Mayor administers oaths and signs all motions, resolutions and ordinances passed by City Council.

The Mayor also serves a legislative function, presiding over City Council with voting privileges.

The office of Mayor for the City of Marion will come up for election in 2023.

The Mayor of the City of Marion is David Mayfield. Mayor Mayfield  regularly attends city council meetings. You can call the City office at 620-382-3703 or send an email to to set up an appointment to visit with him.