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Public Works

Mission Statement

The Public Works Department of the City of Marion’s mission and goals are to make the quality of living as comfortable as possible by keeping the city clean and to insure that all services are operating efficiently.  

The Marion Public Works consists of 7 departments managed by an Electrical Superintendent and a Street Superintendent. All departments assure that all City services are functioning properly and efficiently.

Marion’s Electrical Department has 3 employees who maintain, upgrade and repair the distribution system. Outages are minimal due to the experience and knowledge the crew applies to their daily responsibilities.

The Street and Water Distribution Departments work together with 3 employees and with the assistance of the full time shop mechanic. Water leaks are often repaired within 2 hours of the report with minimal disruption of service to the customers.

The Water Treatment Department has 2 full time employees with 3 part time that work on weekends and holidays. The treatment plant operates 7 days a week to ensure that the city always has an abundant water supply in case of an emergency.

The Wastewater Department has 1 full time employee who maintains the 11 lift stations and several miles of distribution lines. The strict maintenance program in place prevents wastewater clogs and backups.

The Refuse Department has 2 full time employees. This department operates Monday thru Friday picking up refuse once a week from all residents and every day for commercial customers. This service schedule keeps the city free of excess trash and the appearance of the city desirable.

The service shop has 1 full time mechanic who maintains and repairs all city equipment saving the taxpayers several thousand dollars a year through preventative maintenance.

The cemetery has 1 full time employee who manages the turf and grounds with pride. He has a Sexton title so he is responsible for opening and closing grave sites. This department is managed by a 7 member board.

The airport and baseball complex have part time employees that maintain the turf and grounds during the Spring, Summer, and Autumn seasons. These 2 departments are managed by boards or committees.

The Public Works Department is managed by the Electrical Superintendent,clayton Garnica, and the Streets Superintendent, Marty Fredrickson.

Mr. Fredrickson is a native of Marion and began work with the city as an equipment operator. He was promoted to Street Superintendent and today supervises the city's water and wastewater distribution and treatment system, the refuse department, the baseball complex, the cemetery and the municipal airport, and serves as the City Building Inspector and Public Safety.

Mr. Fredrickson is a certified Class I Wastewater Treatment Operator and a Class II Water Treatment Operator.

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